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All of us at Arizona School of Dental Assisting are honored to prepare students to attain their dreams and enrich their communities.

Lisa Stevenson

President, CEO


Mrs. Stevenson is a native of Arizona. She attended high school in Arizona and went on to attend SCC and NAU. She is a graduate of a well-known dental assisting school here in Arizona. She is X-ray certified by the Arizona State Dental Board of Examiners. Mrs. Stevenson has been in the dental field for decades and has been involved in many different aspects of dentistry starting with general dentistry venturing on in the field of Pedodontics and Orthodontics. Dentistry has been her passion since a young age however, her expertise encompasses supervision and clinical instruction for future dental assistants.

She has also played a big part in training other dental assistants on staff in different offices. It was in 2001 that she along with Dr. Di Vito decided to open a dental assisting school that would prepare students with the knowledge and technical proficiency that will allow them to become immediately employable in a dental office upon graduation.

Mrs. Stevenson is very much involved with the everyday happenings within the school and with each and every student that comes through the school, thus making the school a great success. We continue to train well-needed dental assistants in this field and have established a great rapport with local dentists and dental offices in Arizona.

With that being said, the longevity of our program speaks volumes in our success educating individuals in the field of dentistry.

Whittney, C.D.A., C.P.F.D.A., C.O.A.

Program director / Instructor


Whittney is a graduate of the Arizona School of Dental assisting. She is a native of Arizona and has had a passion for Dentistry at a young age. She has been in the dental industry since 2009 and her experience in the dental field includes General Dentistry, front office and a specialty in Orthodontics (expanded functions).

Whittney is x-ray certified by the Arizona State board of Dental Examiners and is continuing her education in the dental hygiene field.

Arizona School of Dental Assisting

Jacque, C.D.A., E.F.D.A.



Enrico DiVito, D.D.S.



Lisa and I started a dental assisting program in 2001 to alleviate the dentist from spending chair time training and also saving a potential student from spending to much time and too much money learning to be a dental assistant. Here we are approximately two decades later and our success shows through our students and the longevity of the program!

Rob DiVito, DDS

Program Curriculum Consultant


Dr. Rob DiVito was asked to be the contributing expert on website. Dr. Rob’s articles on the topics of Implants, Invisalign, Root Canals, and Cosmetic Dentistry have given the readers some basic knowledge on commonly asked dental questions. As Clinical Consult for the Arizona School Of Dental Assisting, Dr Rob can answer any and all questions pertaining to dentistry for dental students.

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