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ASDA StarDental Physiology
ASDA StarInstrumentation

ASDA StarDental Charting
ASDA StarPreventive Dentistry

ASDA StarDental X-ray Technique
ASDA StarClinical Procedures

ASDA StarInfection Control
ASDA StarX-Ray Review

 Arizona Department of Education Approved
Post Secondary School of Education Licensed
from our students
“The teachers who care make great students. It was all you Lisa! Thank you so much, what you taught me is priceless.”

Jarrett Ray

“This is a best school ever! Lisa is such a good teacher, she gives you a lot of one on one and helps everyone out! Your the best Lisa!”

Brittany Warhol

“Dr. DiVito, Thank you for Monday nights instruction of the dental dam. Your teaching method and patience really put me at ease.”